Welcome to Emergency Response Diving Academy!

Welcome to the Emergency Response Diving Academy

                                    FOR DEPARTMENTS AND INDIVIDUAL TRAINERS

The Emergency Response Diving Academy (ERDA) is a leading training facility for Public Safety Diving Scuba training. ERDA is a public safety training organization that trains police, fire, and other public safety organizations in just about every submerged environment known. ERDA trains departments on how to make and maintain their own PSD teams. ERDA is a division of the Academy of Scuba headquartered out of Phoenix, Arizona.

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Course Selection and Logistics

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Our courses are conducted in Lake Pleasant, Lake Mohave, Catalina Island California, San Diego California, Rocky Point Mexico, San Carlos Mexico, Playa del Carmen Mexico and other destinations from time to time. There is plenty of diversity in the Southwest United States, so you get the broadest experience in many different types of Scuba diving environments.

Class sessions are done online and/or at our World Class Training Facility. We have a state of the art classroom and a 10 foot deep (dedicated) Scuba training pool. We utilize state of the art technology so you have access to information and instructors 24/7.

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More Training

Before every course, we spend time refreshing basic skills, practicing rescue skills, and going through Advance Dive Planning checklists and calculations. All of these are standard procedures for Academy of Scuba advanced diving courses. You will learn more about the Public Safety Dive Essentials Program when you become a student at the Emergency Response Diving Academy.

The Bottom Line

The Emergency Response Diving Academy is the right solution for your Public Safety Dive Team because: (1) We teach ERDI programs that are National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant, right down to offering all courses at the Awareness, Technician, and Operation levels. In fact, some of the largest, most successful and renowned departments use ERDI Programs to conduct their training. (2) Not all public safety dive teams are the same and some require specialized training programs. Emergency Response Diving Academy is affiliated with the Academy of Scuba. The Academy of Scuba offers many different types of training programs that can help plan and prepare for those "not so routine" dives. (3) Emergency Resonse Diving Academy has a full curriculum including leadership, team development, and OPS Programs for real world conditions. (4) The best PSD instructors and instructor Trainers work with the Emergency Response Diving Academy which translates into successful operations for you and your team.

Academy of Scuba - Phoenix Arizona (AZ) Advanced Dive Training Dive Facility

Store Hours

Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 8am-4pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm

Company Location

Paradise Valley
4015 E Bell Road
Suite 132/134
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Phone: 602.971.3483
Fax: 602.971.0725

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